The Effects Of Alcohol Abuse Can Be Dramatic

October 4, 2008 by admin 

The pressures of life present us all with trials and tribulations that we need to overcome. Unfortunately too many of us are now turning to what is perceived to be an instant relief that is found in consuming copious quantities of alcohol. The problem is that the relief is temporary when you wake up the next day you still have the same problems to face. Many people drink, and become alcoholics, to help them to forget their daily problems or even to seemingly ease the emotional pain they may be experiencing in their lives. They seek further solace in the blur of alcoholic haze.

As with the abuse and over indulgence in anything there are effects that appear unexpectedly the effects of alcohol abuse come in many forms.  Some are emotional, some are physical, and some can even be financial. The reality is that the negative effects of alcohol abuse far outweigh any supposed benefits you may think that it brings to you.

Although the alcoholic may not realize it one of the effects of alcohol abuse is the destruction of your emotional well being.  Sometimes alcohol abuse can bring out the worst in a person. This abuse is often directed towards your family and friends who can in most cases be counted on to stand by you in your hour of need. But there is only so much physical and emotional abuse that your family and friends can take before they are forced to turn their back on you.

Usually your friends and family are your support structure; they will stand by you in good times and bad.  Alcohol can lead to physically fighting with your friends and family and it can also lead to a loss of trust between you.  

Ask yourself how can anyone trust someone that is drunk all the time?  Sometimes the results are that your friends and family are either forced to abandon you to avoid you taking them down into your personal hell or they are forced to seek an intervention.  Either result puts a great deal of strain on the relationships and can cause serious emotional damage.

Losing It All

When somebody becomes alcohol dependent they often find ways to sneak a during their day at work this tends to reduce their productivity and in some cases endanger their being as they try to perform their tasks in an alcoholic stupor. Most, if not all employers will automatically terminate drunk employees. Therefore loss of income is another effect of alcohol abuse and when you lose jobs to the effects of alcohol abuse it unleashes an entire series of terrible events to unfold.  At some point you can no longer pay your bills, your home and car get taken away, the family you have sworn to support has to leave to find a better way in life, and you are left with nothing.  

It is not an exaggeration to say that if you continue to abuse alcohol on a daily basis that you stand to lose literally everything that you hold dear in your life and your road to recovery will be long and difficult.  

Alcohol abuse is everywhere, just look around you and you will see the suffering that it causes. The road to recovery is strewn with alcoholics whose lives have been ruined not to mention all the pain and anguish suffered by family and friends. Recovery from the effects of alcohol abuse is not as easy as the movies and television make it look.  It is a long and painful process. Many people try and fail at many times over before they finally do succeed.

Thankfully there is a way out of this terrible scourge but real strength and determination is required to dig your way out of this quagmire.


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