The Weirdest Of All Anto Snore Devices

August 30, 2008 by admin 

Have you ever had a look at some of the anti snore devices that are available on the market and wondered how those strange products came to be invented?  They were by no means deliberately intended as anti snore devices.  A few, like the nasal strips sold for decongestion, have helped a number of people stop snoring by chance.  But there are some which you know without a shadow of a doubt that they were created by a non- snorer who was required to live years in the same room as a snorer. 

The Snore Ball 

Many snorers are capable of stopping their snoring once they have rolled over on their sides.  But once on their side and they continue to snore, then they probably have sleep apnea and require a doctor’s help.  So, these are somewhat unkind anti snore devices created to forbid even the soundest sleeper from rolling over onto their backs.  Perhaps the inventers were trying to impose just a bit of their unhappiness onto the snorers of the world. 

One such anti snoring product is known as the Snore Ball.  It came out in the early twentieth century.  It is a hard little ball that is strapped to the small of your back.  When you roll over onto your back, you immediately regret that you did and have no choice but roll over onto your side.  Some stick to your pajamas while others come with their own straps. 

The Sandler Pillow 

Along a similar vein, the Sandler Pillow also makes it next to impossible for a sleeper to snore on his or her back.  The pillow is named after inventor Peter Sandler (no known relation to popular comedian Adam Dandler).  It is a tiny, long pillow too thin for the whole head. 

Shock Therapy 

The most drastic and downright dangerous of anti snore devices has to be the Snore Stopper.  This is an anti snoring bracelet, which can be worn around the wrist.  When you start to snore, it gives you a jolt of electricity, which wakes you up.  The manufacturers claim that the sensation you feel from the Snore Stopper is no more painful than a “small pinch.”  You can’t help but wonder how many chronic snorers receive this as a wedding anniversary present.  (“Oh, honey, you REALLY shouldn’t have.”) 

What’s even better is that there is also a Snore Stopper that is specifically for the tongue.  It shocks the tongue whenever it presses against the back of the mouth. Bon appetit.


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