Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Used CPAP Machines

October 5, 2008 by admin 

Many people today are having a hard time with their breathing overall and it seems as if more and more are suffering from sleep apnea. Whether or not this is simply due to better diagnosis and reporting of the disease or because there is more pollution in the air or more cases of obesity, the bottom line is that many people are on the hunt for used CPAP machines. These of course are the machines that fit a breathing apparatus over the nose and face and literally force air into one’s lungs while you sleep. It’s not as painful as it sounds; the air is forced very gently and comfortable. Searching for used CPAP machines can make sense for many as of course they are very expensive to begin with; most run several hundred if not several thousand dollars.

You can of course get used CPAP machines online but if you do this you really have no way of knowing if they work or not. Some dealers are very reputable and offer a refund or warranty after some time but you should only purchase from a website that has been established for some time and that offers a lot of equipment, not just from a private person. Remember that used CPAP machines may be somewhat delicate and they have many different little parts that all need to be working properly in order for it to function; it’s not like buying a used bicycle where you can easily replace a tire if it has gone flat.

When shopping for used CPAP machines many people also forget that the pressure it is set to is something unique just to you. A doctor should set this pressure for you so you may need to consult with him or her to have it function properly. Setting the pressure of any used CPAP machines incorrectly will mean you’re getting too much air pressure which can damage your lungs, or not enough which defeats the purpose of the machine in the first place.

Sometimes used CPAP machines are about as expensive as new ones; they don’t seem to depreciate in value as time goes on. Many find that they might as well purchase a new one for the price they pay for used. Of course this is up to you and your own discretion; used CPAP machines also work just as good, so consider your budget.


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