Alternative Treatment For Genital Herpes – Getting Totally Out of Herpes’ Way

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The main concern regarding genital herpes until now is its cure. No one has ever come near to it. Night and day an arduous search for herpes antidote is going steadily but to no avail. This is due to the clever maneuver of the virus itself and that is by hiding itself on the nerve cells under the skin, keeping itself undisturbed for a lifetime. Once the virus is contracted, it can never be restrained.

Virus Attributes

All kinds of viral infections have its mode of diffusion or spread. There were types of viruses that are air-borne, meaning they can be contracted through the air, just inhaling the contaminated air is enough reason to be infected. Like other viruses, genital herpes virus too has its mode of transfer. It is known for this virus to transfer through open or unprotected skin to skin contact as in sexual act. If one partner during sexual intercourse is infected, it has a very strong possibility that the uninfected party may be infected too, particularly during outbreaks where the virus is known to be in its very active state.

During outbreaks, a blister or sore on genital areas or its adjacent surroundings including the anus will develop and would result to a very bothersome consequence. Some may have painful sores but some say have an itchy one. Either way, it still carries a negative outcome. The sore however will heal itself out in one to two weeks time but in patients having a compromised immune system (undergoing chemotherapy, etc.) the healing will be less fast and sometimes complications will become unavoidable.

Symptoms of an outbreak may include a prodrome, a distinct itchy and sometimes burning feeling that can be felt exactly where the sore will appear in a few days to come, usually 2-3 days. Other symptoms for women include an unpleasant vaginal discharge. Usually the blister will start as a single sore but will eventually develop into a cluster depending on the outbreak intensity. Despite the name of the infection, it is also possible that the virus will spread to other body parts manifested by the same lesions that can be found on the genital area.

Staying out of Trouble’s Way

Many preventive measures have been devised to control the spread of genital herpes infection. These measures take account of the following:

If we would like not to be infected, our only means is to stay out of the trouble’s way.

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