Do Signs and Symptoms of Male Genital Herpes Display

October 29, 2009 by admin 

HSV which is also male Genital Herpes comes in two forms.Type 1 HSV which affects the nose and mouth area and type 2 HSV

which causes infections in and around the genital parts.Circumstances of sexaul practices may lead to the two different types

of herpes being found in either area.Male Genital Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease and should you be diagonised with

the male genital herpes,one should abstain from sexual activities be it oral,anal or vaginal till the infection has cleared

up.Use of condoms should not be an excuse because they could not offer 100% protection against infecting your partner.

If you suspect that you have signs and symptoms of male Genital Warts,you should indeed consult your doctor for cofimation of

whether you have the infection and its not only a rash.The fact remains that male Genital Herpes will display itself in about

the first week of infection.This is so for men because of there biological anatomy of having a penis, which is on the

exterior and any abnomalities are realised fast as opposed to the interior position of a vagina.

Male genital symptoms could vary from each individual depending on many factors but most common ones are pain during the

passing of urine when the liquid comes into contact with the sores,muscle aches, back pains,abnomal discharge from the

penis,abdominal pain,headaches and sometimes signs of flu.It is good to mention that there is no cure for male Genital Herpes

but there is medication available to ease the discomfort and also reduce the signs and symptoms.

In more cases than one,use of strong painkillers is all that a person needs to help deal with the whole issue.But as a matter

of fact building on your immune system is the most effective way of fighting off the male Genital Herpes from the body and

reduce the chances of recurrency.That said and done, male genital herpes can recurr when you come into contact again with an

infected person.Therefore the stern warning on sexual abstinence untill one is sure the male genital herpes has been dealt

with fully.

Sometimes a rash can be mistaken for male genital herpes symptoms and this should act like a wake up call to consult a

physician to avoid other opportunistic genital viruses from arising at a later date.It is well known that male genital herpes

symptoms are very mild and could not be alarming therefore resulting to lack of medical assistance.


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