Genital Warts Versus Genital Herpes – Keeping Away From All Genital Infections

October 29, 2009 by admin 

This kind of sexually transmitted infection is one of the many STI’s that was proven to be very rampant among young and adults alike. This is also a kind of virus that don’t discriminate, meaning that anybody can become infected regardless of the social status, age, gender, race and ethnicity. But majority of the infected persons belong to the Caucasians.

Genital Wart versus Genital Herpes

Many people still assume that these two infections were one and the same, where in fact these two have their own distinct roots and behavior. Although they may be found in one common area, these two greatly differs from each other. Here are some of the helpful and important specs regarding these two distinct kinds of infections:

According to statistics, HPV prevalence in the United States alone is estimated at 10% up to 20% with the age bracket grouping of 17 to 33 years old being the most infected. A most recent treatment method proves that Genital Warts can be removed but of course, with the danger of recurring because the main cause of it, the HPV virus itself is still inside the body and is impossible to get rid of.

LikeĀ genital herpes, Genital Warts are a subject of great concern as of the moment due to their stubborn and puzzling presence. Hopefully, as time goes by, this current situation might change that the incurable might be cured and together with their bitter stigmas, this present situation must totally become the thing of the past.

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