Herpes and Its Symptoms – How Genital Herpes Affects Males

October 29, 2009 by admin 

The general notion is that, our society lacks the much needed information dissemination regarding the overall aspect of this sexually transmitted disease that is why we reached this very alarming number of infections. Well, can we really blame our society? Or we ourselves would and should be responsible for our miseries, we already know the answer.

Depending on the gender and the threshold of the victim, the apparent effect of the said virus will also show a discrepancy. Let’s say a healthy male on his late 20’s will appear more tolerant and will be less vulnerable to the infection compared to older men with frail bodies. But the issue here is not age and body built, but how the infection affects male in general.

Revealing Truths

No matter how healthy and sturdy your body is, that matters a little because genital herpes can still prove itself to be cunning and potent when it comes to its beguiling effect. Before you know it, you are already suffering from its onslaught! The sad thing is it knows no race and culture. Everyone that can set its feet into will suffer, like a consuming fire its victim will feel the effect first before they can see the presence of it.

Even though HSV viruses generally produce no signs and symptoms it is not an indication that it does not carry a symptom at all. Men having this disease may develop primary lesions at exactly the same site as that of the primary infection site. These sites include:

Recent further studies revealed that men tend to be more infectious compared to women particularly when there is no visible symptom, overruling the previous claim that men does not have the ability to spreadgenital herpes when there is no symptom present.

The Damage Plan

Once the virus is there, it can’t be exterminated. It can be dormant or “latent” for years and years following the first outbreak without showing itself out, as if it was in a self-imposed hibernation process. It wasn’t clear enough why this virus seem to have a brain of its own by concealing itself on the ganglion of nerve cells wherein it is the only place in our entire body that our immune system has no power to reach at all.

As the virus stealthily lurks just under our skin, it finds a perfect hiding place while waiting for the right timing to strike again. Despite the fact that the virus is totally protected by our skin from outside aggressors, it finds itself also a perfect channel to receive any signal from the outside world regarding its ideal irritants, and that is through our skin also. After having enough of this much awaited irritants or shall we call it catalysts, outbreaks will occur again, a very effective and beautifully masked damage plan.

Infection Condensation

Sad to say, some of the irritants only have its effects on males. There is this new confirmation that a sunlamp-exposed male genital with a latent infection will likely trigger a flare-up. Furthermore, males may suffer dysuria or painful urination when the urethral opening or its surrounding area is infected with the virus. Although these genital herpes symptoms are not only limited to men, it sure is a very crucial issue to them.

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