Its Time We Create Genital Herpes Awareness

October 29, 2009 by admin 

Remember that, the first step to take in order to create this awareness is to admit that we are actually suffering from

genital herpes. Many subjects in our society today are regarded as taboo and therefore cannot be discussed openly. It is very

important to learn and know more about Genital Herpes because it affects many people.

If you are suffering from Genital Herpes and you are finding it hard to cope with, the best thing to do is to join a

counseling group. A counseling group will help you deal with the challenges surrounding this problem. On the other hand, you

will find that talking to people who are affected by it a relief.

Some people are unable to deal with the trauma that comes with a sexually transmitted disease. Knowing this, is important,

for this people need not only get physical treatment but emotional as well. Stigma that comes with the rejection by partners

and family can cause physical, mental and emotional stress.

Remember that adolescents in particular may not admit to be sexually active and may not be comfortable talking about the

Genital Herpes infections. Therefore prevention or treatment to this individual should be based on their personal needs and

concerns to reduce their risk of acquiring the infection or even infecting others.

Many of these challenges can be addressed by making the most opportunity to promote and improve health-seeking behavior,

detect and manage existing Genital Herpes infections. We should therefore talk publicly to promote safer sex practices like

having fewer partners, delaying sexual onset and constant condom use.

Most people learn to cope with herpes and live their life normally. There are many practical ways to deal with genital

herpes; Identify what upsets you and learn to control stress, avoid drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Take a lot of water,

exercise daily, remain positive minded.

You will want to have the very latest information that you can get. There are good medical journals you can read or visit

websites which have detailed Genital Herpes information on how to stay put when you are faced with this crisis.


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