Male Genital Herpes

October 29, 2009 by admin 

If you are displaying signs and symptoms of male genital herpes, you might want to consult with you doctor to first confirm that you do indeed have male Genital Herpes and not a rash. And if you do indeed have male Genital Herpes you will also want to abstain from having sexual relations until your infection is cleared up.

Male Genital Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease and if you indulge in sexual intercourse whether it’s anal, oral or vaginal sex, there is a better than even chance that you will pass the infection on to your partner if they don’t already have it.

This is due to the fact that Genital Herpes will normally manifest itself within the first few weeks of infection. You can also contract male Genital Herpes if you have multiple sexual partners, or you come into contact with someone who has the Herpes Simplex Virus.

Male genital herpes is also called HSV, and there are two different types of the herpes virus. These are known as type 1 HSV, and type 2 HSV. You would normally get the type 1 HSV infection in and around the mouth and nose area, and the type 2 HSV infection in and around the genital area.

Due to a number of circumstances however, one of which is the fact that more and more people are indulging in oral and anal sex, the two different types of herpes can more frequently be found in either area.

Male genital herpes symptoms include sores and blisters on the genital area, and pain when urinating if the urine passes over the sores. Some people also experience additional symptoms of fever or a flu-like feeling, a burning pain, muscle aches, back pain, and headaches. Some people also find that they have swollen glands as well as a pressure in the abdomen and discharge from the penis.

There is no cure as such for a male genital herpes infection, although there is medication available to help with the signs and symptoms of male genital herpes. For the most part though, you will need nothing stronger than painkillers to help you deal with the symptoms.

Some people will also have recurrent male genital herpes symptoms. These can sometimes recur until the immune system has had a chance to fight off the herpes virus from the body. You can also get recurrent male genital herpes if you come into contact again with an infected person.

However, some lucky people won’t even know that have male genital herpes. Due to the mild nature of their symptoms they will most likely mistake their symptoms for that of a rash and not male genital herpes.


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