Treatment Options For Genital Herpes – Getting Rid of Herpes Effectively

October 29, 2009 by admin 

As in the case of other infections, herpes and all its sub-types though lacks a permanent cure can still be treated and the good thing is that it has many options. The potency of each of the treatment options depends on every person though. With so many options to choose from, one will be surely proven to be effective.

Common and Effective Treatment Options

In every treatment regime, options were made available so that when a primary treatment method fails a ready substitute is at hand. Nevertheless, any of the options could become a primary treatment method depending on the person who is treated. In other words there is no such thing as an ineffective option. In treatment of genital herpes, these options were commonly used:

* Antiviral medicines. These include prescribed drugs that are prescribed by a medical professional. This treatment acts as a suppressant. It helps prevent the occurrence of an outbreak for a considerable period of time. Though it does not promise a permanent cure, it sure does a lot by making life bearable.

* Aside from this very common medical resort, alternative treatment is also available and there were lots of effective treatments of this kind right now that were already being recognized by experts. It is designed to cope easily to a variety of outbreaks.

* Home care remedies. It is also one of the most trusted remedy when experiencing a bad Genital Herpes outbreak day. The beauty of this is that you need not go out of your home anymore to seek for a medical attention when having a painful outbreak. Just keep any of the over-the-counter pain relievers and get them ready anytime. Keeping the sore dry all the time or after bath can also help in the healing process. Putting on cotton underwear can help in better air circulation which is needed by the infected area.

* Another noted option in helping you cope with this infection is the herbal approach. Nature has an abundant supply of these natural herbs that has all the natural healing powers. Experts nowadays already acknowledge the healing prowess of natural herbs and the comfort it brings during an outbreak. Aside from naturally effective, they were also much cheaper when compared to synthetic drugs.

* Intermittent and Suppressive treatments follow through after the initial treatment has been done. This is after you had worked alongside with your doctor after getting an initial treatment. Either of the two will be prescribed for you if it deem necessary.

All the treatment options mentioned has already been proven to be effective and safe in the treatment of Genital Herpes provided there is expert medical supervision. The effect of each depends on the severity of the infection. These options were designed only to alleviate the situation when an outbreak or any untoward situation occurs. Getting rid of an infection, especially Genital Herpes is still the best option.

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