Why Do We Find Genital Herpes Dreadful?

October 29, 2009 by admin 

Let us take an example. It is an extreme example but needed to show clearly what I want to say. Suppose you have two friends. One gets cancer and other gets genital herpes. The chances are more favorable that the person with cancer will discuss about it openly while the person with herpes will try to hide the fact. Do you agree with my thinking that this may happen as I have described? Does this not look surprising that people with herpes are so scared of it. Why is this so? Let us discuss.

Herpes on genitals is considered bad. it shows that you may have been relating with many people who in turn relate to many others. We somehow feel low about this kind of behavior. But herpes can be contacted with a single partner who had cold sore. The little stigma that is attached to Genital Herpes needs to be removed.

Herpes is for lifetime. This is another factor that plays on our mind. Oh, now that I have Genital Herpes I must suffer for my life. I agree that herpes cannot be eliminated forever. But how many people get recurrences? What are the frequencies of these recurrences? And what is the intensity of these breakouts? Not much in most of the cases. Today anti viral medicines can control Genital Herpes to a great extent. Suppressive therapy will practically reduce the recurrences to nil. You need to discuss this with your doctor.

One need not advertise that one has genital herpes. But one need not feel any dread about it. It is not life threatening. It occurs once in few months and goes away even without medicines.

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