Genital Herpes Symptoms

October 28, 2009 by admin 

Genital Herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus, and there are two distinctly different types of this herpes simplex virus. These are, originally enough, called Type 1 and Type 2, or HSV 1 and HSV 2. If a person has Genital Herpes symptoms, it will usually show up within the first few weeks of infection.

Otherwise some people might not display any Genital Herpes symptoms at all. And some people will not even notice if they have Genital Herpes as the Genital Herpes symptoms can be very mild to non-existent.

In fact some people can mistake genital herpes symptoms for something as mild as a skin rash. This also depends on whether you have type 1 genital herpes, or type 2 genital herpes.

Type 1 genital herpes symptoms are generally to be found in the mouth or the nose area, whereas the type 2 genital herpes symptoms are more likely to occur in the genital area.

This does not mean however that either type of genital herpes is specific to any particular area. These are just the more common places where the different types will display genital herpes symptoms.

Genital herpes symptoms can last for several weeks, so if you are sexually active you should try to abstain from having sexual relations from the time that you first notice genital herpes symptoms, to the time when they have all cleared up. Sexual relations in this case refers not only to vaginal sex, but also to anal sex as well as oral sex.

Genital herpes symptoms can include, sores, blisters, an itching sensation and sometimes even a burning sensation, and pain when urinating. Some people will also feel feverish, experience backache, muscle aches, or headaches. Yet still other people will get genital herpes symptoms which include swollen glands, and in some cases vaginal discharge.

Genital herpes symptoms of blisters and sores can become very painful at times. To relieve this pain, and also to help in drying the sores out faster, some people use a bath comprising of 1 teaspoon of salt mixed with 1 pint of warm water.

You will need to gently bathe or pat the area with this solution to find some relief. You can also try using an ice pack on this area if you think that it might help to lessen the pain from your genital herpes symptoms.

Treatment options for genital herpes symptoms include the use of antiviral medications, or natural and home remedies. There is no cure for the genital herpes virus, although the genital herpes symptoms can be cleared up with proper care and attention.


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