Dealing With the Bewilderment, Shame and Guilt Brought by Genital Warts

October 29, 2009 by admin 

Some people can feel completely lost when faced with a situation such as a Genital Warts infection. After all, how on earth did they get Genital Warts? They can trawl back and forth through their sexual history timeline and not get anywhere, because what they’re really doing is putting off the inevitable of coming to terms with the fact they have Genital Warts.

Most times though, some people will tend to feel disoriented when faced with the fact that genital warts are a reality in their lives. Guilt is a string emotion and something that can move mountains if the circumstances are right. If a person feels guilty they will go to enormous amounts of effort to deny that they feel guilty and to deny the reasons for the guilt.

You can feel guilt at yourself for putting yourself in this position, at the fact that your partner might get genital warts from you, and also because socially, despite the progress we’ve made in the last few years, we still feel shame and guilt when confronted with a situation such as a genital warts infection; after all, we made our bed, now we have to lie in it, right?

The thing with genital warts though, and the thing that you have to come to terms with, is that you have nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about.

You didn’t really go around asking to get genital warts, and you sure weren’t thinking evil thoughts of passing the infection on to anyone else, right? So what’s all the misplaced guilt for? You did nothing wrong, and you shouldn’t believe that you did. What you should do is to find treatment for genital warts and to continue with your life head held high.

Shame can be a very insidious thing for anyone to deal with. Shame at your situation can drive you to do many things to avoid letting the world at large know about your “genital warts condition”. Shame can come in many shades and foremost amongst these is shame at yourself for having genital warts. Then you have the shame about the fact that you have such an embarrassing condition which you can’t talk about in polite society; and shame that society will somehow or other find out that you have genital warts.

You can feel shame at just about anything and everything that can be related to genital warts and the fact that you have it. Shame is even more insidious than anger of despair since we tend to hug our shame to ourselves and let no one anywhere near it.


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