Genital Wart

October 29, 2009 by admin 

If you have HPV then there’s a good chance that you could go on to display genital wart signs. Although it’s true that a few people won’t display genital wart signs and symptoms, most people will.

There’s also a chance that genital wart signs will only manifest itself in hard to see places like the, vagina or the cervix. This means that even if a person is suffering from genital HPV they might not realize it.

And for the most part people will use over the counter medications to cure themselves using self diagnosis and thinking their Genital Warts to be something else entirely. As might be guessed this is not a good thing.

What becomes worse is if you believe yourself to have genital wart symptoms and still try to cure yourself using some of the many over the counter cures which are used for other wart problems. These are much too strong to use in the treatment of genital wart problems.

In most instances you will cause yourself more harm than good in trying to treat yourself without first getting a proper medical diagnosis. There’s also the risk factor with genital wart problems such as scarring resulting from the warts themselves or from the treatment.

Scarring isn’t a hundred percent guarantee when you get genital wart symptoms, but you should be aware of the probability of it. Another factor which you will encounter if you have genital wart signs is that of recurrence.

Since the HPV viral infection which causes the appearance of Genital Warts is not in itself curable, Genital Warts once removed, can make a re-appearance. This is in part due to the fact that the HPV virus itself doesn’t leave your body until your immune system fights it off.

There is no medication to help your immune system do this, so unless you live a very healthy lifestyle, and sometimes not even if then, it can take up two or so years for that particular strain of the virus to be eradicated from your body.

This also means that if you contract another, different strain of the HPV infection that you may display genital wart symptoms all over again.

Due to this reason – the fact that you can become infected with an entirely different strain of HPV altogether – it becomes difficult to say whether you have a new infection or whether your body is still fighting off the old infection.

This is also a good reason to practice a change in lifestyle, one which is conducive to maintaining optimum health and one where your natural immune system can fight off genital wart type of invaders without too much of a problem.


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