Genital Warts Look Like

October 28, 2009 by admin 

If you’ve never before had or never before even heard about Genital Warts, then you won’t know what Genital Warts look like. This could of course, all be for the good. If they aren’t on you, and sometimes even when they are, Genital Warts can be a frightening sight to those of faint stomachs.

In other words, they’re not a pretty sight to behold, but they are unfortunately a fact of life, especially in this day and age when sexually transmitted diseases are becoming more and more common.

If this is your worry and you’re afraid that you might have genital warts but are too embarrassed to see your doctor, you might first want to find out what genital warts look like.

In appearance genital warts can differ one from the other, and just because you see a picture of genital warts it doesn’t mean that your genital warts look like the ones in the image you saw.

For instance, in some cases genital warts look like nothing more than a raised bump or a very irritable rash. In other cases however, genital warts look like cauliflower shaped growths.

They can also look like small raised growths, or they can also be flat in appearance. Genital warts can also sometimes have an appearance of being red and angry.

If you want to have a better idea and want to know what genital warts look like, you can of course look through medical textbooks containing information about genital warts, or you can look for pictures of genital warts over the internet.

You will be able to find many a website which will grant you access to pictures of genital warts so that you can see for yourself what genital warts look like. Be warned though, that not everyone can stand what are most of the time, very candid and graphic pictures.

For these squeamish people it would be best if you remained ignorant of what genital warts look like. You might want to read the information gathered on these sites, but if the thought of anything to do with your bodily functions leaves you nauseous, you should avoid these completely.

Ignorance really is best in this case and if you believe you might be suffering from genital warts and want to know what genital warts look like you might be better off gathering the courage to go see your doctor instead, to confirm or deny that you have genital warts.

Sometimes the direct approach is the best, and this way you will also be assured of getting the necessary treatment. And if you really want to see what genital warts look like, you can always go back to any of these sites.


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