Natural Remedies for Genital Warts That Lie Thick on the Ground Waiting for you

October 29, 2009 by admin 

Natural remedies for Genital Warts lie thick on the ground but not everyone will use these or even know of these to use them. And just as with all other illnesses and medical conditions, there are natural remedies for Genital Warts can be used to remove the warts. The natural remedies for Genital Warts use ingredients that can be found easily in your home or in a pharmacy or health food store. And although I haven’t personally tried out every single one of these remedies (although I’ve gone through my fair share of them), they have been tried and tested out by different people at different times.

Whether or not they will work for you is largely dependant on a number of factors, key amongst is your underlying health, the particular strain of genital HPV you have, and whether you respond favorably to the ingredients used in the natural remedies for genital warts. It should also be noted that since different people respond in different ways to medications, your experience with a particular natural remedies for genital warts might not be the same as someone else’s response.

Personally speaking there were a few natural remedies for genital warts which didn’t work for me but they did work for my partner. So first you need to make sure that you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients, and then you need to go through the whole trial and error process of finding the natural remedies for genital warts that’s right for you. Let me just state that I am not a qualified medical practitioner, nor am I a naturopath, a herbalist or a licensed healer or medical practitioner of any sort. If you have any doubt as to whether these natural remedies for genital warts will work for you, or whether you might be allergic to any of these ingredients, consult your physician immediately.

I personally wouldn’t recommend the use of more than one natural remedies for genital warts at a time, or that you use certain natural remedies for genital warts alongside prescription medication. Some of the herbs might react badly with the prescription drugs.

However, if you do utilize multiple natural remedies for genital warts or you mix and match natural and prescription remedies, I would suggest that you keep a detailed journal of exactly what you’re using and in what dosages, along with the duration of treatment for each separate treatment.

This can help you to keep a track of everything that you’ve tried so far and to find out which ones work for you. And it also serves the purpose of being able to help in the event that you react in an adverse way to your treatments.


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