The Problem With the Topic of Genital Warts

October 29, 2009 by admin 

In the normal course of events I have to say that Genital Warts would not be my topic of choice for any particular conversation. Having said that, since I’m not actually going to see anyone’s face as I talk about it, I feel that I can rest easy in the knowledge that my blushes will be spared! The problem with the topic of Genital Warts though is that it is most definitely not something that you would want to air in public – literally and figuratively! In fact a great many people probably don’t feel that comfortable talking it over even with their doctor.

That’s right, even in today’s liberated society most people still won’t feel comfortable talking about such an intimate and distressing problem as Genital Warts.

After all, just think about it. From our very young days we’re taught to cover ourselves up and to keep our private parts covered. At least that’s what my mother always used to tell me, and since it’s a fact that most mothers tend to think along the same lines, there’s a more than good chance that your mother – or father – taught you the same thing.

So when you couple that with the fact that even the mere mention of the word “genital warts”, is enough for you to make a face at, it’s no wonder that we don’t talk about such things, be they genital warts on the genital area or otherwise. And I don’t know about you but when I hear the word genital warts mentioned, the first thing that comes to my mind is all those stories of witches you hear about when you’re young and how they all – down to (almost) the last man, woman, and witch of them – had a big wart on their decidedly very long and crooked noses.

That said, genital warts aren’t something that’s laughable for the person who suffers from this problem. In fact for quite a number for people, genital warts can be a very distressing condition they have to deal with. And that’s really why I’ve written this article, to be able to help at least in some small way, the people who suffer from genital warts and who don’t have anyone whom they can talk to.

Obviously I can’t be on the listening end if you want to talk about it, but hopefully I can provide some answers that will help you. I should also perhaps mention right at the start that I am not a doctor, a herbalist, a naturopath, or any other type of medical practitioner. I have no license to practice to medicine and I don’t aspire to do so. There are various natural treatments that are available for you to get rid of genital warts.


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