The Treatment of your Genital Warts Depends on the Severity

October 29, 2009 by admin 

The choice of therapy is based on a patient’s preference, the number and the size, the site, of lesions, treatment cost,

convenience, adverse effects, and physician experience. Genital Warts treatment methods can come in many different forms. Be

it surgical, cryosurgery (liquid nitrogen will be injected into the wart whereupon it will freeze and be removed) Or Loop

Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (a sharp loop-ended electrical tool will be passed under the wart to remove it), we also

have Laser therapy (a high powered laser is used to burn the warts off).

There are many more methods of Genital Warts removal that do not include surgical options for that matter. To mention a few,

we have the newly approved FDA Green Tea extract Polyphenon Imiquimod cream, Podophyllin, and so on. Nearly all these genital

warts treatment methods need to be applied by trained medical staff and only available by prescription. Pregnant women are

advised against the usage of Genital Warts treatments because they might put the growing fetus in to risk.

For those who will want to hear none of this treatments, good for you because we have naturopatic ones as well. This include

Herbal, Acupuncture, Heat Pads, Ayurveda, Tea extracts and so on. Don’t forget that all these treatments will need you to

change your lifestyle. Eat good healthy foods, drink lots of water, have enough rest and sleep so that you can build your

immune system to enable it fight with the infection.

Although not so much is talked about on this method of genital warts treatment it is most preferred since it helps genital

warts from recurring. It also aids in helping you keep fit. After having a proper diagnosis the decision entirely is left to

the patient to choose on which mode of genital wart treatment suits them best.


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