Avoid Falling Victim to Pregnancy Excess fat Gain – Learn How to Have a Fit and Beautiful Pregnancy

May 1, 2011 by moi 

It is true that carrying a child is a gift and a true blessing. But at times the vision of the joyful mommy who sits pretty and contentedly awaiting her bundle of joy to arrive is not the real truth. The cruel truth of the matter is that many women see their bodies go haywire and fall victim to pregnancy unwanted weight.

Now, it’s not always their fault. True, quite a few women have terrible genetics to cope with and their body just naturally packs on pounds when they become pregnant. But a majority of expecting mothers will confess that a lot of their pregnancy fat difficulties are because of indulging their cravings and being a tad too laid back.

In case you fall under this group and you’re simply feeling slightly uncomfortable concerning the path your body is heading in while pregnant please don’t get down on yourself. It is possible that you can start turning things around and not merely control your weight gain in pregnancy but in fact look and feel great right up to your delivery and beyond.

First of all we have to define just what exactly typical weight gain is during pregnancy. Your perception of being “fat” may actually be right inside of suggested guidelines. The average weight woman should gain between 25-35 pounds while pregnant. Overweight women should only gain in between 15 and 20 pounds during their pregnancy. Should you fall under that range then congratulations, you are doing good. In case you have gone over that then you will need to do a couple things to get yourself back to the encouraged range
So what’s the solution to avoid going through pregnancy feeling fat and unattractive? Good old fashioned dieting and exercise. Following a simple pregnancy fitness program and eating a healthy diet will help you to stay away from pregnancy fat as well as have a healthful pregnancy and delivery.

We’re not talking about anything excessively challenging as much as a pregnancy fitness program goes. It may be as easy as a regular stroll around the block. You want to avoid becoming too sedentary while pregnant. Yet you also want to stay away from workout routines which might be overly physically demanding particularly as you proceed into your third trimester. A good light aerobic fitness exercise regimen should have the desired effect for you to assist you to avoid a lot of weight gain during pregnancy.

And diet? Well we are certainly not talking about going on a weight loss diet during pregnancy. Of course, you do have a little infant developing inside you that you must nourish. But that little baby only demands about an added 200 calories or so from your diet to have the nutrition it requires. So the fundamental message here is you aren’t actually eating for two. Consider it as eating for one and a quarter while pregnant. Fat and salt should be kept to a minimum. Eat a well balanced diet plan to obtain your child all of the nutrition it requires and also to stay away from too much weight gain during pregnancy.


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