Condom Use: An Easy to Follow Guide

March 17, 2011 by moi 

If you are looking for a simple guide that states how to put a condom on then follow the fifteen uncomplicated steps underneath:

1.  Erection

It would seem like an obvious thing but you need to have an erect manhood prior to attempting to put on the condom. Roll the condom down the erect penis before any anal, oral or vaginal contact is made.

2.  Damage

Before you put the condom onto the penis ensure that the foil wrapping which houses the condom is not ripped nor has signs of any wear and tear. For example, if the foil has a slippery feel to it this is an indicator that a lubricated condom has lost some of its lubrication because of damaged packaging. Do not use a damaged condom as the chance is that it won’t be effective.

3.  Expiry date

All condoms have an expiry date. Assure that you look at the date before using a condom. For your own safety don’t use a condom that has passed its expiry date.

4.  Tear open

When opening the condom foil use your hands to open the airtight packaging in the middle or at the notch. Take care not to tear the condom with nails or any sharp objects. Do not use your teeth to open the packaging with – this is just asking for trouble.

5.  Right way up

Ensure that the part of the condom that unfolds is on the outside prior to placing onto the penis to make sure that you have it on the correct way round.

6.  Be gentle

Gently pull back the foreskin of the erect penis.

7.  Squeeze

In order to make space for the semen after ejaculation squeeze the tip of the condom between the thumb and the forefinger to expel any air from this area.

8.  Unravelling

Hold the tip of the condom between your thumb and forefinger and use the other hand to roll the condom down the penis shaft. If you accidentally put the condom on the wrong way round and it will not unroll you will need to throw away the condom as the clear pre-ejaculation fluid on the end of the penis contains sperm that can carry sexually transmitted infections. Once a condom has touched the penis it can’t safely be turned over and used the correct way round.

9.  Sexual lubricant (if needed)

If you need some additional lubrication ensure that it is water based if your condom is made of latex. Oil based lubricants damage latex condoms.

10.  Intercourse

During intercourse it is advisable to always change a condom if you are moving from anal to any other type of intercourse.

11.  Ejaculation

After ejaculation has taken place hold the rim of the condom to the base of the penis and pull out. The sperm should stay inside the condom.

12.  Shrinkage

Make sure that you pull the penis out of the condom whilst still erect as if it isallowed to go back to a flaccid state the seal of the condom to the penis will fail.

13.  Remember to tie a knot

As soon as the penis is pulled out of the condom tie a knot in the end to counteract leakage. Remember a condom should only be used once.

14.  Disposal

After you have finished with the condom, dispose of it in a rubbish bin. Do not place down the toilet because it will pollute the system.

15. Wash your hands

Written by Amy Shepherd who works in marketing for the successful e-tailer Venus Sales Limited, operating websites such as Temptations Direct, Sinful Sensations and Purple Pleasures.


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