Finally, an alternative to Hydroquinone for skin whitening

May 7, 2011 by moi 

Want to reduce wrinkles but don’t want to use hydroquinone to do it?  Well, there are some natural solutions to removing wrinkles, making those age spots disappear and making your skin even. All this said, your best results will still come from beauty products containing hydroquinone.   But the problem with finding these products if you live outside the U.S has been they are illegal and therefore only available on the black market .  Another big problem is that there are dangers associated with the chronic use of hydroquinone including the possibility of it being connected to cancer .  Do you have any other choices available? Fortunately, you do.  Alpha Arbutin.

 As far as alternatives go, there is nothing better than Alpha Arbutin  In other words, it does the same thing as prescription strength hydroquinone and should there be used with the same care.  A-Arbutin and Hydroquinone work to reduce wrinkles and lighten the skin because they inhibit tyrosinase from catalyzing melanin, the chemical in our body responsible for the creation of pigment.   Other natural bleaching agents that do the same thing include bearberry and blueberry extract. Sure, they are less strong than hydroquinone but the body reacts the same exact way with less side effects to boot.

A-Arbutin is probably not as well received as beta arbutin because it was just recently discover.   But clinical tests have shown that this chemical derived from a common weed found in Canada is more effective for skin whitening and treating age spots than any of the other skin lightening ingredients such as glycolic acid, kojic acid and salicylic acid. And as far as other natural skin whitening herbal ingredients, A-A out performed them all.   Finally, when tests were done between AA and beta arbutin, A-arbutin was found to be over 20 times more effective than B-Arbutin.

What does this mean to you, the consumer? 

While Alpha Arbutin is not as effective as hydroquinone, it is less risky and with fewer side effects. From an all-natural perspective, it outperforms all other bleaching agents found organically including bearberry extract, licorice extract and even beta arbutin and benzoyl arbutin. The jury is still out in terms of whether this alternative to hydroquinone can cause cancer. 

Alpha arbutin is very expensive.  That is the one downside.  .  The cost of alpha arbutin can be as low as $15 an ounce to as high as $100 but this largely depends on who is manufacturing it and what other ingredients are in the beauty product as well.



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