Hair Loss Prevention- 7 Strategies To Prevent Hair Loss And Regrow Your Hair

April 16, 2011 by moi 

Losing hair is a difficult process to handle or look forward to. In case you have a bunch of bald family members who’ve lost there hair, then you may feel especially nervous about waking up one day and finding your pillow covered with hair or even the sink littered with so many hair you feel like you lost them all in one day. If you feel that this is you then you might want to learn some useful hair loss prevention techniques and methods.

1- it is very important to eat healthy foods and also take supplements so your body can remain healthy. Many times your hair follicles and fingernails could be tell tale signs that that you’re becoming ill. Although it is very important get enough nutrients to be healthy is usually dangerous to get too many vitamins at the same time. One example may be an excessive amount of vitamin a and Vitamin E may also make your hair fall out, but it’s uncommon to have to many vitamins in your system.

2- 1 widely common belief is the fact that excessive chemical use on the hair can cause hair to fall out, My suggestion to you if you want to enhance your look through chemical use, but are leery of the chemical means to find the look our after, and are concerned about future hair loss. Then one suggestion that i will give to you would be to visit an authorized beautician to get it done professionally. Most do-it-your-self’ers are just to inexperienced to use there own color and end up doing harm to the hair, If you do to color your hair keep the frequency to a six to eight minimum.

3- When and if an illness occurs it is very important to deal with your health and needs, if you are prescribed medicine then you need to take them, if it is ignored, your body can grow weak and tired and impending disease as well as death can follow, It is really an excellent Hair Loss Prevention tip.

4- Hairstyle may also be a hair loss prevention opportunity. When ever possible make sure to avoid hairstyles that pull or tighten the hair and are retracted with cheap rubber bands for long period of time. While hair accessories have come along ways recently, avoid hairstyles such as tight pony tails, Pig tails, and cornrows as they possibly can still do much damage to the hair shaft thus damaging the hair follicle it’s self which can lead to hair loss.

5- Here is a tip to be used as a hair loss prevention stratagy  but also as a luxury, use silk pillow cases to rest with at night. The reason being is that when you are asleep and roll the head from one side to the next the silk pillow case will cause less friction then a regular cotton or flannel pillow case which your head will often have to force rather then slide on silk to reposition your head.

6- Addititionally there is another homemade remedy that can help with hair loss, and that is rubbing herbal extracts into your hair. There are various and potent herbal remedies that you may use to create blood circulation to the scalp thus increasing nutrients to the follicle. Also therapeutic massage is a terrific way to bring nutrients and blood circulation to the scalp, thus this is a way for hair loss prevention instantly.

7- Remember even if you’re a normal functioning person it is completely normal to lose between 50 – 100 hairs per day, However if you feel that you might be losing more then this amount or after time you’re noticing less hair on your own head it might be prudent to visit a doctor or a skin doctor they should be able to determine whether the hair loss is founded on lack of nutrition or a DHT and an age-related issue and then have the ability to point you in the right course.


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