Have You Been Looking For HCG Weight Loss Plan? If So, Click Here…

February 21, 2011 by moi 

How about losing weight easy and quick? HCG diet is a trusted diet program that had been proven and tested by thousands to be effective and safe. This kind of diet promises a permanent weight loss without the hassles of suppressing hunger and extensive physical activities. Losing a pound or more ever day and the quick fat burning is done in a natural way. After completing all the phases of this HCG diet method successfully, the body will keep off from gaining back the old weight.

The oral HCG drops and injectable HCG are the two common methods of the diet. The diet kit has diet protocols included in each package for the dieter to follow to achieve the weight goal and for the diet to be effective for long term. Sub-lingual HCG drops are the most purchased diet kits.

Taking them is simple and easy. It only needs to be applied under the tongue every morning and night time, or depending on the diet instructions. The amount of drops also depends on the weight loss goal and the additives included in the solution. Most HCG drops have added vitamins and essential elements to help aid the body in the diet process.

With HCG diet program, the body’s metabolism is changed and increased. This way, the body’s stored fats are burned rapidly. The 500-calorie intake is a strict protocol in the diet program. Usually food intake is only during lunch and dinner, skipping breakfast daily.

The meals during lunch or dinner must only be between 200-250 calories. The intake of fluid also has proper protocols to follow. During the HCG drops sublingual application, it is prohibited to take fluids right away. Taking in non-alcoholic drinks right away may dilute the HCG compound before the blood stream absorbs it, thus waiting 30-45 minutes before doing so.

While this kind of diet is said to be safe, fast and effective, it is very important to consult a healthcare specialist before starting with the diet program. HCG drops are not advisable to people with heart and respiratory ailments, with severe allergies and lactating mothers. The lack of medical supervision during the HCG dieting regimen can result to severe ailments and serious health conditions.


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