How To Control Anxiety

May 6, 2010 by moi 

Controlling anxiousness is a subject of acute concern to people who experience anxiety attacks (which are also referred to as panic attacks), because they know just how crippling such attacks can be. These episodes of extreme fear or panic are surprisingly common. And more often than not, they occur with little warning and have a debilitating result.

The good news is that there are uncomplicated, natural, highly effectual mechanisms which are readily available and very often result in success in dealing with anxiety or panic attacks.

Here are 4 keys:

First – understand that help is readily available, and that you can control defeat eliminate the anxiety and panic. By adopting the correct procedures, anxiety and panic attacks need not be your master.

Second – don’t accept the fictitious notion that because you experience such episodes, you are in some way substandard and should be ashamed. It is well documented that many well known people have experienced the reality of trauma associated with anxiety attacks, among them

  • the outstanding poet Lord Tennyson
  • singer Donny Osmond
  • noted Australian actress Rebecca Gibney
  • famous psychiatrist Sigmund Freud
  • Oscar-winning actor Kim Basinger

Third – recognize that, in the vast majority of cases, anxiety and panic attacks are not the result of mental unwellness. More often than not, they are simply the result of an unrecognized fear which has no legitimate basis. But you need to work this through carefully and in a relaxed manner without the fear of such attacks, because the difficulty is that, at the time of the attacks, applying logic doesn’t seem to help much in controlling anxiety.


Fourth – be aware of the symptoms so that you can recognize them as they start manifesting themselves and apply an effective strategy to deal with the problem. Symptoms vary enormously and can include tingling sensations, dizziness, racing heart, breathing difficulties, muscle pains, nausea, and uncontrollable fear.


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