Why Natural Treatments For Warts Works

November 2, 2009 by admin 

Wart is generally a small, rough tumor, typically on hands or feet, which resembles a cauliflower or a solid blister. Warts can grow on all parts of your body including the inside of your mouth, your genitals, your rectal area, and in women even inside the vagina which often aren’t detected until they have an examination. A person will not generally become vulnerable to warts until after the age of three and some people are not as susceptible to warts as others.

(1) Common warts may be passed to people who touches the warts while it is also possible to get warts from using the same objects used by person who have warts. Warts often appear when people bite their nails as the delicate skin is an ideal area for growth. Those small cauliflower-like papules seen on people’s fingers, especially around the cuticle area are common warts and usually appear to have small dark specks in them which are blood vessels. (2) The flat warts are small flat skin-colored papules and are more likely to be seen on legs and arms sometimes in very large groups, which may contain hundreds of them. (3) Warts on the areas of the foot usually cause pain as you apply pressure when walking. (4) Even though Genital Warts sometimes do not cause any pain as well, but are nonetheless highly contagious and can be contracted during any type of sexual act. Anal and Genital Warts are much more serious not just because they are highly infectious but they are in particularly sensitive areas of the body and can be found internally, even inside the urethra.

Warts generally appear after a person has cut or grazed themselves and can spread from there. Warts do not normally cause any harm except for being unsightly; in some ways, it’s still beneficial to have them removed on occasion. Therefore, treatment of warts is generally carried out because of the cosmetic affect they have but it isn’t a bad idea if they become a persistent problem. Often warts disappear on their own, although it may take many months, or even years. However, some warts won’t go away on their own and this is where treatments are useful. Many people go to their doctor to treat their warts while there are still many people who remove warts by preparations. There are also many over-the-counter options available on the market.

Most doctors opt to burn (cauterize) or freeze off warts. Unfortunately success with this method is usually temporary and the warts often return. The patient is also subject to a highly invasive procedure, which can be painful and cause enough tissue damage to leave a scar. The theory of surgical intervention is that by cutting out the virus and causing tissue inflammation, the body will stimulate a mounted antibody response and prevent recurrence. However, this method often fails as doctors are not able to fully remove the virus which has lodged itself deep and throughout the dermal layers of the skin. As the virus is microscopic and particles under the skin are not visible, doctors can not possibly be certain if they have removed the entire wart or if viral microparticles remain.

WartCure provides a safe and effective alternative to this invasive and expensive treatment. It contains only certified organic anti viral extracts which have the demonstrated ability to not only kill the wart virus but also stimulate CD4 T-cells, those cells responsible for cleansing virus-infected cells. As a result, WartCure accomplishes what surgery attempts to achieve without any recurrence, discomfort or tissue damage. Application actually kills the virus. The therapeutic action of WartCure is accomplished via its rapid absorption into the skin. Warts reside solely in skin tissue. The antiviral certified organic essential oils in WartCure are lipophilic (absorb into fatty tissue such as the skin) and have a low molecular weight. This allows them to pass readily into skin tissue and into the DNA of cell membranes where they attack and destroy the HPV virus.

CURED researches have analyzed several hundred antiviral medicinal plant extracts for their capacity to destroy the HPV virus. Organic extracts which demonstrate the greatest antiviral effect against HPV in comprehensive scientific trials, while being tolerable to skin tissue, have been blended to create WartCure. We have studied and had success with patients of all ages with symptoms ranging from dramatically acute to mild but chronic. In the vast majority of cases, WartCure quickly and effectively eliminated warts without causing tissue damage or scarring. We are serious about eliminating warts and have made WartCure maximum strength. In order to know the components of WareCure, why this works, instructions for use, and more details, please go to the website http://www.bcured.net.


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