Ways of Treating Genital Warts – Common Advise From Experts

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Who are at higher risk of infection?

Anyone who is sexually active is at a risk of infection with the HPV virus. However, some groups are mores susceptible due to their behavior. Many young men and women o safes between 19 and 26 are at a higher risk due to their sexual behavior since this happens to be the peak of sexual activity. The other group is those who have multiple sexual partners for obvious reasons. Any person who abuses drugs and alcohol also stands a greater risk because they are likely to engage in risky sexual behavior.

How do you get Genital Warts?

The main mode of spreading of the virus is through sexual contact with an infected person. There are a few rare cases though when children can get infected indirectly especially through a wet towel or even during the birth process. Sexual contact will refer to any form of contact with the genitals of an infected man or woman.

The virus thrives well in moist areas, so you can get it through anal, oral or vaginal sex. Finally those who do not practice safe sex are also on the list. However, it should be noted that use of condoms may not protect one completely because the virus spreads through skin to skin contact. There are many areas around the genitals that the condom will not cover.

What are the signs of Genital Warts?

The symptoms will manifest themselves after about three or so weeks after infection. Though in some cases it may take years before the symptoms become manifest and some people will simply not develop the symptoms at all. There a few cases when a person can get infected and the body’s immune system fights the virus on its own and eliminates it without the knowledge of the victim.

The bumps that appear are itchy but may not hurt. In the women they appear on the vulva, the vaginal tract, the cervix, the thighs and the anus. With men they will appear on the penis, the scrotum, the thigh and the anus. On rare occasions they appear on the mouth and the throat, especially where oral sex is involved.

When they are so small and invisible to the naked aye, the warts will announce their presence by a burning sensation. So do not ignore any rash thinking it is a simple every day rash. A visit to your doctor will make things clear for you after a medical examination.

What is the best advice then?

Any person who has reason to suspect an infection of Genital Warts should seek medical advice at once, whether they have the symptom or not. As usual the sooner these problems are handled usually the better it is. When you go for the check it would be advisable to go with your partner as well.  The warts are easy to treat when they are still few.

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