Causes of Genital Warts – Useful Information For Prevention

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What are the causes?

There over 100 known strains of the virus that causes Genital Warts but only about one third of them are known to attack the genital area. This strain of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is called genital HPV and affects over half of all sexually active males and females. They can be further classified into low and high risk HPV.

The commonest mode of transmission of is sex with an infected person. Over two thirds of people who have sex with a carrier of HPV are likely to get an infection. The infection will be passed across though oral, anal or vaginal sex. Unfortunately, even toddlers can get infected during the birth process. These children pick the virus as they pass through the birth canal and will mostly develop symptoms in the mouth or the throat.

Other likely predisposing factors for getting Genital Warts are suspected to be the use of birth control and oral contraceptives, causing and indirect risk because it increases the possibility of multiple sexual partners without the risk of conceiving. So does the excessive use of alcohol, smoking as well as stress. When the immune system is weakened by any factor the risks also go higher.

How can they be prevented?

Treatment and removal of the virus that causes Genital Warts is not possible currently for there is no known cure. The best that medical practitioners will do is to remove the accompanying symptoms. The warts are removed but the underlying cause remains intact in the body. HPV is known to lie dormant in the body for a long time without manifesting any symptoms. A medical examination is the only way to know whether you are infected or not.

Even though HPV is transmitted sexually, it is actually spread through skin to skin contact even when there is no exchange of bodily fluids during the sexual act. That means you can get it through anal and oral sex as well, resulting in the warts appearing in unlikely places like the mouth and the throat. Abstinence remains the top of the range modes of prevention or at least the use of latex condoms during sexual intercourse.

As for women, there is the option of a vaccine against HPV and cervical cancer which can protect from some strains of HPV that could also cause genital warts. It is recommended for women between the ages of 13 and 26 as long as they have not been exposed to the HPV virus. Finally you can try to boost your immune system through taking a balanced diet and a generally healthy lifestyle. A compromised immune system makes you vulnerable not only to HPV but many other health challenges we encounter on day to day basis.

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